Hall of Earth

Nature ambassadors

(Last update: 01-2022)

Hall of Earth Ambassadors


Land donated to nature

#1 – William Bluerose

3 m2

#2 – Crispi Surfer

1 m2

#3 – Arigato Kadakas

1 m2

#4 – 

#5 – 

#6 – 

#7 – 

#8 – 


#10 – 

Elon Musk

0 m2

Sam Bankfried

0 m2

Earth Token

An Earth Token represents 1 square meter of real Earth. AYA buys land to return it to nature. 100% of all income will go towards this goal. Your token represents how much land you have gifted to nature. Token holders will be able to join raffles and giveaways with prizes such as trees named after you, NFTs, more land e.d..

All Earth Ambassadors are celebrated on the website.

Price: 1 EARTH = €10 (= 1 m2)

How to buy:

-Bank Transfer
Stichting Torus
NL05 TRIO 033 847 0875
Put your contact data in the transaction.
Your donation is registered. You can claim your EARTH tokens at any time. 

-With Shimmer
Send Shimmer to smr1qq0r4swvhwhr4t4sa05nkh8za729jkavsv00a66eqnc3dd9u3sz3qn9vdjh , add your Shimmer address to the Metatag and if you like add your contact data in the Tag so we can thank you and you can join giveaways. You’ll receive the amount in EARTH in your Shimmer Firefly wallet and AYA will buy land for nature. Once we bought land we will put it on Google Earth and this website and social media.

You can also contact Rising Sun (@RonaldBoogaardt) at Twitter for more info or to make sure things go right.

Total supply: 64,000,000,000,000 tokens (all in circulation)

There is 64,000,000 square km of habitable earth so we have created 1 token for every square meter.

Tikker: EARTH

Token ID: 0x08ca170710e75b628bb5b92b8c8004656d90965f95d90bf7dae7700bf97940d55a0200000000

AYA cannot be held accountable when things go wrong. We treat you like we want to be treated. With infinite love.

    Our Goal


    AYA Nature creates digital art in the form of NFTs. We sell them to finance nature projects. The NFT art is a gift to thank you for your support. It represents your help for nature and it helpt spread the message.

    Our goal is to buy land where everyone is welcome and convert it together into an educational healthy and fun environment with harmony in biodiversity.

    For as long as we live, we will invest our time towards this goal.


    We believe that nature has got all the solutions. Nature can heal us, make us happy and feel connected. We are nature. 

    Many of us have lost this connection due to circumstances and surroundings. AYA is the gateway to reconnect.

    By restoring biodiversity in nature with the community we bring back the balance in nature and ourselves. More fresh air, healthy food, animals, plants, trees, fungi and happiness through connection and work and play. The elderly teach the young, the young help the elderly.

    Help us spread this message if you agree that this could just work, even though it may take many generations.

    Green Crypto

    We have chosen IOTA because it is the greenest, fastest crypto without transaction fees. 


    Some the collections will have benefits. For example, if you collect 1 of each in the Coin collections, you can win a REAL gold or gilded coin. If you collect 3 Badger sets we will plant a tree named after you and more!


    Donations: €2834,45
    Art sales: 1594 IOTA and 1113 ASMB

    1rst goal: Buy 15,000 m2 land. Progress: €3041,45 / €33,000