Nature Village & Ecocenter

Ecovillage & Nature Center AyA has the theme nature.
When we are outside we air out, when we are in nature we see a constantly changing landscape. The shapes are organic and never really identical. Nature stimulates our body and mind by stimulating the senses and by experiencing much change and duality in all forms.

Most buildings are built with efficiency in mind. Build as quickly as possible with materials that can be produced cheaply and quickly. Without taking into account what kind of footprint this leaves on the earth. Getting stuff from China over in diesel-guzzling ships. Concrete and insulation material with harmful products. This is not only harmful to nature, but also to us, because we are nature. The shapes used are square and the steel, walls and gray, monotone colors are predominant. This creates the feeling of being monotonous. And by nature we are not. We love a huge diversity in colors and shapes that are in motion while we are in motion.

In aya, all buildings inside and out are built in organic shapes with sustainable materials. No building looks the same because the residents themselves have decorated them with nature, clay, stones, wood, etc.

The layout of the buildings and paths is done in such a way that there is a central square to which all roads lead. Living in circles reduces conflict, stress and loneliness, according to studies. This also applies to round spaces and sitting in a circle of people. Living in circles stimulates connection, community, wholeness, stamina, movement and safety. In addition, the combination of working with circles and organic shapes in buildings promotes creative productivity.