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We are working hard with infinite love. You support places that will serve as an example for generations to come. AyA connects us with our and nature to leave the world better than it was before.

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100% of your donation will go towards connecting hearts with nature. Non profit, we do everything purely for the health of everything.

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Become a Sniffer!
Would you like to come and taste the atmosphere and the structure of the organization and Google Drive? Would you rather not have ‘obligations’ yet, but still come to meetings? As a Sniffer you get access to view the Google drive of aya and you are invited to the Telegram group. You can come to events and circles by invitation. Send us a message that you want to become a Sniffer and we will contact you.

We have 5 circles and meet regularly:
AyA – Harmony – Manifesto – Floraya – Desaya

One or 2 representatives of all circles come together in the aya circle to come into consent about topics worked out in the power circles.

Building a nature community in which people take care of each other, for development, involvement and building a resilient society.

Money matters. Business plan, revenue model and communication with the other circles about budget. Working together with the local economy and local residents to create win-win situations.

Striving for self-sufficiency in food, energy, water and a closed cycle. Strengthening nature, restoring biodiversity through permaculture and food forest. Nature education and exemplary role for generations after us.

The visualization of AyA. Such as researching and applying architecture, ecological and sustainable building technologies and methods, developing a theme, but also web design, brochure, floor plan, etc.